6 DGAF Outfits that will never fail (a blogpost about fashion, but not really)

I’m a writer. I like to eat, cook, play video games, watch stand-up comedy and I enjoy listening to music but hardly ever watch music videos. But being in the field of digital media it seems like the majority of content that seems to go around more than anything is fashion, make-up, and jewelry — things I know absolutely NOTHING about, despite what people would assume from a female.

If you are anything like me, someone who isn’t into fashion, designer brands, or spending more than 15 minutes matching an outfit in the mirror, then a lot of the times your fashion statement bounces between the lines of “I’m comfortable” and “I don’t give a f*ck”. And when you don’t give a f*ck, you tend to catch more attention than you’d like wearing something that you probably should have left home without. My go-to outfit is a T-shirt or tank top paired with a pair of denim shorts and flip flops, but quite often I’d get snickers from my boyfriend for wearing something…less than flattering, to say the least.

That is why other than my go-to outfit, I have what I call my 6 DGAF Outfit What Will Never Fail.

Disclaimer: This is not a fashion blog post. It’s a blog post about fashion (kinda).

I don’t spend a lot of time shopping for clothes, but I have noticed that there are certain trends in the city that I can’t seem to walk around without seeing. Firstly, let’s admit this to ourselves: No matter how confusing (for lack of a better word) Hong Kong’s fashion trends can be sometimes, the longer it stays, the more you get used to it, and before you know it, you’re already one of them.


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DGAF Outfit #1: Tote bags

I was never one for carrying a bag. I used to go to my exams with just a rubber band to hold my pens together — anything that couldn’t fit in my pocket, I wouldn’t take out with me. And if I did have a bag, I ended up ripping it from dumping too much junk in it as if it were a grocery bag. This is why tote bags are perfect for when you have to carry a crap load of things and still look cute with it.

Tip: For extra cuteness and a step up towards fashionista level, fit in your tea-cup pup as an accessory to your already questionable taste.

DGAF Outfit #2: Maxi Skirt

It’s like walking with nothing. It hugs your waist and flows along your legs. It is the most comfortable piece of clothing you could ever want. Whether you had one too many pizzas or just don’t feel like shaving your legs, maxi skirts are your trump card to looking cute even when you don’t feel like it.

Tip: Pick the right size for you to avoid mopping the streets and be cautious when riding the escalators.

DGAF Outfit #3: White Sneakers

I remember the days in elementary school when those of us who wanted to stand out came to PE with the best-designed pair of white sneakers. Because shoes were uniform, everybody had to wear plain white sneakers to PE and oh how we resented seeing everyone else in line during assembly with the same budget white sneakers our parents bought us. Who knew 14 years later white sneakers would make a fashion statement in popular culture. Though it is amusing to see how white sneakers matches well with practically any color and outfit.

Tip: Don’t wear in the rain. Look out for dog sh*t.

DGAF Outfit #4: Jeggings


Source: ezzentricblog.com

Please let this be one of the only fashion trend that survives the millennium. Looks like skinny jeans, fits like skinny jeans, plumps our butts like skinny jeans, but it goes easy on our muffin tops, allows us to stretch our legs like the non-ladies we really are, and there are no buttons or zippers! Need I say more?

Tip: Wear with any top that shows your butt and thighs off, and take a lot of belfies.

DGAF Outfit #5: Long Cardigan (or a long cover-up)


A post shared by 👧🏻 Emily Lau 劉思美 👧🏻 (@emilyszemei) on

Whoever brought the long cardigan (or cover-up) into Asian fashion culture, I bow down to you. It is the saving grace of any basic outfit. It’s basically a mask that disguises your not-so-on-fleek-OOTD into something that is pretty cute.

Tip: Wear pretty much anything under this. A tank top, shorts, crop top, yoga pants, underwear, and the list goes on.

Finally for the absolute DGAF outfit,

DGAF Outfit #6: My Pajamas

Or at least what looks like an outfit I’d wear to sleep: Baggy shirt, leggings, and a sports bra

There is a sense of liberation in not-giving-a-f*ck. The freedom from insecurity and self-consciousness, and feeling absolutely comfortable, especially when you are just not in the mood to face the world and its judge-y glares. Sometimes I don’t feel pretty and I’m fine with that, as long as I get to feel comfortable. Unless the occasion or situation calls for it, and until I have enough Fs to give, how I look to other people can be a priority I push down my list of things to GAF about. That’s until I look at myself in the mirror, of course.

Tip: Wear with confidence. Not advised to wear to the office or to a meeting.


Did I miss any DGAF outfit that should have been on the list?
What’s your DGAF got-to outfit?



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