Six (free) exhibitions to see this November

If you’ve missed out on accomplishing your Inktober challenge, you might want to start finding your muse to rock it out next time around. Nevertheless, this November is an exciting month for the Art and Culture scene in Hong Kong. Besides the exclusive fine and contemporary art exhibits, there is a myriad of free (or relatively cheap) exhibitions to check out coming month, some of which is already happening this month. From the Hong Kong International Photo Festival that will touch your hearts to the Hong Kong Art-in-Motion that will literally move you, here are some of the exhibitions, relevant to Hong Kong culture that I recommend:

The Harbour

Australian artist, Andrew Taylor brings to Hong Kong his “trademark floral motifs” in moments, frozen in time. In a city (in)famous for its ever-moving, fast-paced, technologically driven lifestyle, his work for this exhibition illuminates a sense of peace and stand-still in an otherwise chaotic environment.

“ In a world saturated with images and hyperventilating with speed, Taylor finds room to pause and reflect ”
– The Cat Street Gallery

Where to go: The Cat Street Gallery, Sheung Wan
When to go: 20 October 2016 – 1 November 2016

Telluric Visionwilliam-tongLocal artist, William Tong, explores the social and environmental issues of Hong Kong in his debut exhibition of panoramic paintings. From the deterioration of marine life to his surreal depiction of nature and local landscapes. Tong transforms the familiar to an eerie yet fantastical interpretation of this city’s its imminent future.

Where to go: Parkview Art Hong Kong, Central
When to go: Exhibit has been extended to 31 October

Hong Kong’s Fourth Annual International Photo Festival brings to us over 150 works by photojournalist around the world including, Moscow-based freelance photographer, Sergey Ponomarev, who has traveled the world covering war and other current events. At this year’s exhibition,

HKIPF presents to us ‘Refusee’, the stories of refugees who continue to walk in a time of war, oppression and poverty. (Do note that although the exhibition is free, there is a requirement to book a session for viewing)

“Your images, most importantly, has to speak to the public about what’s going on, why and when…It gives a lot of emotions to tell the stories of people who you never see on the streets but who are also suffering”
– Sergey Ponomarev

Where to go: Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Shek Kip Mei
When to go: 29 October to 16 November

Under the same roof
Public Records Office (PRO) of the Government Records Service (GRS) showcases, in a gallery of old photographs and historical artifacts, the era of squatters and resettlements in the 1950s.

Where to go: Exhibition Hall of the Hong Kong Public Records Building
When to go: Now until further notice

David Salle

For fans of postmodern art and figurative painting, American artist David Salle brings to Hong Kong his series of new works

When to go: 8 September–12 November 2016
Where to go: Lehmann Maupin, Central


Hong Kong Art-in-Motion
If standing around in a gallery isn’t so much for you, Art-in-Motion, sponsored by the Home Affairs Bureau, is a free 2-hours guided tour around Hong Kong. Provided with a coach service that allows you to hop on and off anywhere along the route, any time you choose to, the tour connects its audience with local arts and cultural hotspots around town. With a travel guide book in hand and a mobile app that you can download, you get to discover the various Hong Kong art scenes in the city.

Where to go: Wan Chai, Fortress Hill, Choi Hung, West Kowloon, Wong Chuk Hang
When to go: Now until November 2016, every weekend (12pm – 18:30pm)

For reservations and more details on the route and coach schedules, visit:


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